Currently, I am only supplying a limited number of developing, toning and fixing chemicals from Photographer’s Formulary. PF sell a huge number of darkroom products including toners and alternative printing kits (you can download their catalogue here). If there is a sufficient number of enquiries for a particular chemical(s) I will work out a cost taking into account import and shipping costs. I try to keep dry chemicals at the same price in £ as PF sell them in $, so refer to their website for likely costs. It may be possible to expedite shipping by air.

This is not my full-time job, so please bear with me should there be any hiccups, such as any delays while I work away from home. Delays should be no more than 2 weeks; I will contact you immediately should there be a significant delay of 5 days or more.

Customers from Europe are welcome to make orders but please email me first so I can quote shipping costs. 

EU customers will also now be subject to Import VAT, which is approximately an additional 20% (depending on the country) cost on delivery.


Please be careful with the chemicals and ensure that mixing and storage are as recommended by the Photographer’s Formulary technical sheets.


Please contact me direct at for any queries or through the contact page.