I am sorry to say that the lack of demand, combined with my working away on a regular basis makes the continued operation of selling chemicals direct from my website unviable.

Chemicals can now be bought via direct correspondence stillphotographic@gmail.com

I will respond with a date when I can send the chemicals and a quote for the cost (please see prices below).

I will continue to sell the following:

  • PMK 25l and 50l (£10 and £20 respectively)

  • Sepia Sulfide toner (£12)

  • Polysulfide toner (£12)

  • Iron Blue toner (£12)

  • Copper toner (£12)

  • Thiourea toner bleach and redevelopment (£12)

  • TF4 (a few 1l bottle remaining) & TF5 fixer (£15 for 1l bottles and £25 1 gallon) - please note the price reflects the age of the fixer  (>1 year old) and postage weight.

  • (Sodium Metaborate can be bought by buying the PMK packs)

The above prices include postage.

Apologies for any inconvenience, especially to my loyal customers who have supported me over the last few years but unfortunately it is just not worth my while to continue.