TF-5 is an extraordinary fixer for both paper and film.

* Processing time of only 30 seconds for resin-coated prints, 60 seconds for fiber-based prints, with no hypo clearing agent necessary.

* No stop bath necessary. Just use water rinse after developing.

* Non-hardening. Excellent for use with prints to be toned or re-touched.

* It is a near neutral fix that changes the pH of the film or paper from alkaline to near neutral, unlike TF4 in which the film or paper stays at an alkaline pH value.
* The only rapid-fixer system that allows the print to be completely fixed without impairing the rapidity of the wash.

* No image bleaching. All conventional fixers act as reducers. This means that the longer the material is left in the fixer, the more image silver is destroyed. This can only have bad effects on the image, whether it is a print or a negative. Conventional sodium thiosulfate (rapid) fixers suffer from this defect especially. The problem is eliminated in TF-5, which may offer slightly richer maximum blacks as a result.

TF 5 Fixer Liquid 1 l

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    CHEMICAL SAFETY All chemicals are dangerous and must be treated with respect. Please read the warning labels on the package. Exercise care when handling, and avoid skin or eye contact. Ammonium thiosulfate is the main ingredient in this proprietary formula. The user assumes all risk upon accepting these chemicals. Please consult with local sewer and water authorities regarding proper disposal of darkroom chemicals in your area.