Formulary's TF-4 Archival Rapid Fixer is excellent for use with PMK and other Pyro Film Developers.. TF-4 is an extraordinary fixer for both paper and some films. TF-4 works well in batch processing, fixing resin coated paper in 30 seconds and fiber based paper in 60 seconds. You can also use TF-4 on T-Max films, fixing for 6 minutes to remove the magenta stain. PF recommend 20 rolls of film to 1 liter working solution. TF-4 does not require a stop bath nor a hypo clearing agent, and has little odor when mixed with distilled water. TF-4 is a non-hardening fixer which makes it excellent for prints that are to be toned or retouched. Most modern film emulsions have built-in hardener, eliminating the need for hardener in the fix. The stock solution which has a shelf life of 1 year is diluted 1:3 to make the working solution. The working solution has a shelf life of 6 months.

TF 4 Fixer Liquid 1 l

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    CHEMICAL SAFETY All chemicals are dangerous and must be treated with respect. Please read the warning labels on the package. Exercise care when handling, and avoid skin or eye contact. Ammonium thiosulfate is the main ingredient in this proprietary formula. The user assumes all risk upon accepting these chemicals. Please consult with local sewer and water authorities regarding proper disposal of darkroom chemicals in your area.