Pyrocat-HD Film Developer is a semi-compensating, high-definition developer, formulated by Sandy King as an alternative to PMK. The advantages over PMK that Mr. King cites for his formula include an approximately 1/3-stop greater effective film speed, 10-15% shorter development times, more consistent staining action, lower toxicity, and no streaking or mottling with reduced agitation.

Pyrocat HD Dry 50 l

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    CHEMICAL SAFETY: All chemicals are dangerous and must be treated with respect. Please read the warnings listed here.  Always use rubber gloves and dust mask when using chemicals.
    Catechol (pyrocatechin), has a high vapor pressure and it is a phenol. The high vapor pressure means that solid catechol evaporates readily. When you open a bottle containing solid catechol, you can smell it. Always store solid catechol in a tightly capped glass container. When mixing a solution containing catechol, work in a ventilated area. When catechol is in solution, its high vapor pressure is not a problem. The fact that catechol is a phenol means that it is corrosive and can cause skin burns. If you should spill a solution of catechol, wash the area (or skin) with soap and water. Use tongs or rubber gloves whenever possible when working with this compound or its solutions. The user assumes all risks upon accepting these chemicals. Please consult with local sewer and water authorities regarding proper disposal of darkroom chemicals in your area