The PMK formula was developed by Gordon Hutchings, and is designed as a universal developer for a wide variety of modern emulsions used under diverse conditions. PMK stands for Formulary's Pyro-Metol-Kodalk Formulary's. Kodak has changed the name Kodalk to Balanced Alkali - this is their proprietary name for sodium metaborate. The formula is constituted to achieve the best overall results in consideration of the following technical criteria: sharpness, maximum image stain, minimum general stain, edge effects, film speed, flexibility for Zone System Plus and Minus development, stability, repeatability, convenience of use and long shelf-life. The PMK formula consists of two stock solutions. The 'A' stock is the developer agents and the 'B' stock is the alkali, or accelerator. The stock solution dilutes to make 25 or 50 liters of working solution.

PMK Dry 25 l

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    CHEMICAL SAFETY All chemicals are dangerous and must be treated with respect.  Please read the warnings listed here.  Always use rubber gloves and dust mask when using chemicals.

    METOL:  Some individuals become sensitized (develop allergic symptoms or rashes) when using metol.  If this should occur, discontinue use and consult a physician.

    PYROGALLOL:  Pyro is quite toxic and is readily absorbed through the lungs, skin and mouth.  Pyro is also a phenol and has the potential to cause skin burns.  To be on the safe side please use rubber gloves and keep your work area clean with lots of soap and water.  Brief contact with the skin will cause a darkening which is not a chemical burn.  Prolonged skin contact will cause a chemical burn which closely resembles a heat burn.  Pyro is also very dusty.  Work in a well ventilated area.  Do not inhale its dust. Keep containers tightly closed and away from light.

    KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN FIRST AID:  If contact is made, flush with water.  If extensive contact is made or if in eyes, consult a physician.  If inhaled or swallowed, get medical attention at once.